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Welcome, and thanks for visiting! I am a self taught solo iOS developer with a day job, so these creations are what I do for fun.

Simple Cash Counter was my first app. The need for it arose from the aforementioned day job, and when I was done with it, I decided that the rest of the world my want to give it a try too. Stay tuned for more on that one soon. Version 3.0 is coming along nicely and is full of new features without compromising the overall ease and simplicity of the original design.

My professional training is in music. School band all the way though high school and a music major in college, so it only made sense for my second app to be related to that. The goal with Instrument Fingering Charts was to create a valuable recourse that lived in their phones for all my music teacher friends. Books are handy, and can have a lot of information, but are often times not readily available. With a few quick swipes in the middle of rehearsal, whether in the classroom or at a festival, the right fingerings can be found and rehearsal can resume.

Please, look around and if you have any questions or comments, send me an email. Have a great day!