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Instrument Fingering Charts

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Instrument Fingering Charts is a general purpose fingering chart app for Woodwind and Brass Instruments. It is designed to be fast and intuitive so you can find the fingering you need and get right back to either teaching the group, or practicing your parts.

There are common fingerings for the standard brass and woodwind instruments. It also includes designated charts for Piccolo, Tenor, and Bari saxophone, both F and B-Flat Single Horn and Trombones with One (F) and Two (G-Flat) Triggers. There are charts for Euphonium in both Bass and Treble Clef for Three and Four Valve Models. The Four Valve Euphonium also has a switch that toggles fingerings for instruments with the Automatic Compensating Valve System.

Minor and Major Second Trill fingerings are included for all woodwind instruments as well as Minor and Major Third Tremolo fingerings for all saxophones, Oboe, Flute, and Piccolo. For the advanced user, there are a number of extended range fingerings for most instruments.

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